Testimonials for Cellular Memory Release Sessions              

“Ellen is an extremely gifted CMR practitioner.  Each session has benefited me tremendously.  She helped me get directly to the heart of the matter.  With her I felt safe going deeply into myself very quickly.  I had profound realizations about old experiences, beliefs and thought patterns.  After each session, I left feeling relief and freedom and those old issues have not returned.”  ~Margo K.

“With each CMR session, I have found aspects of myself that I had either neglected or not discovered.  This process has brought about many changes in my career, my confidence as a mother, and has introduced a serene calmness that I can now find within myself.  CMR has changed my life!”  ~Valerie H.

“My CMR sessions with Ellen allowed me to let go of years of grief and anger that I had been carrying around.  Ellen’s ability to hold a space of absolute trust and love for me allowed me to get in touch with my joy body which was and is a divine gift.  How grateful I am for my sessions and my new-found trust of my own body to take care of me in any and all situations.” ~ Trish W.

“My work with Ellen has been truly transformational.
Her skillful means, compassionate style and her trust in the body’s wisdom is remarkable.
She has helped me unlock limiting energetic patterns and perceptions beyond my expectations.
I am very grateful for her work with consciousness and healing.” 
~ Gail D.

“The many things I have gleaned through our spiritual sessions through the years. To hang in there – and watch my thoughts! If I don’t know what to do at the moment, wait and do nothing. This has helped me so much.  When I want to react I stop and do nothing.

The importance of breath…Constant reminder to breathe into the sensations I am having with the emotions and fully embrace what I am feeling. Where is the hurt?…Learning to trust myself that it will pass.

Remembering to stay present and not let my mind run away with self-destructive thoughts.

Learning the importance of taking 5 minutes in the morning to light a candle and focus on my breath and just keep bringing my attention back to my breath when my mind wanders. Learning to breathe in peace, love, light, warmth and letting go of all heavy, sad or disturbing thoughts and energy.

You have encouraged me to be gentle with myself and take good care of myself.

Ellen, through your guidance you helped me to find my broken spirit and see new visions.  I feel anointed and empowered to draw good things back into my life. My soul wants to dance!

Thank you so much,” ~ Angela C.

I am deeply grateful for my clients and students.  I receive amazing insight and awareness by working with each of you and am honored that you share your most vulnerable experiences with me.  You can trust that I will hold a space of sacred attention, confidentiality and safety as we navigate through the creative healing process together. 

My wish for you is to feel integrated, balanced, peaceful and present– free to be you!  Our precious planet needs your unique gifts and self-expression.  When you release energetic patterns that no longer serve you, it ripples out to past and future generations and to all of consciousness. This is a profound and powerful gift to all of humanity.

In Gratitude and Support on your healing journey,