Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cellular Memory Release?
It is a combination of techniques that help to access the original source of repeating emotional patterns that keep us stuck in relationships, work, and our health.  CMR helps us to release the pain body and to transform and re-pattern self-limiting beliefs.   Brain integration techniques are used at the end of a session that help to balance, integrate, and stabilize the healing and transformation that took place in the session. 

How many sessions does it take to free myself from unwanted patterns?
This varies from person to person.  I highly recommend that you sign up for a minimum of 3 sessions.  This is a process of releasing deeply conditioned patterns, stuck energy and beliefs that will ultimately free you to remember and experience who you truly are.  Healing happens in layers.  My clients experience best results when they commit to 6 months to a year of sessions which provides a container of ongoing support to incorporate these practices and techniques into their lives.  My ultimate intention and commitment is for you is to become self-empowered, self-regulated and integrated as we work together to free you and allow you access to your natural life force and creativity.

Does this process help with PTSD?
Many clients have found that Pain Body Release, Neuro Net Re-Patterning and the various techniques that I integrate in the process of Spiritual Life Coaching have greatly reduced their anxiety and have helped to re-regulate their nervous systems.  They have often reported relief from PTSD symptoms.

How is CMR different from other energy healing modalities?
With CMR, the practitioner sits facing the client and conducts the session through verbal and intuitive guidance. CMR is a body/mind combination of pain body release (stuck negative emotional energy) and re-patterning of neuro-pathways that by-passes traditional talk therapy. Accelerated healing and transformation takes place as we release stored cellular memory by going to the originating roots and causes of emotional pain which often result in debilitating, repeating patterns. You do not re-live the trauma but may touch into past experiences in order to free up the accumulated emotional energy and help to change the beliefs that resulted from them. Clients are encouraged to go at their own pace and to practice the techniques at home as they gradually learn to integrate them into their daily lives for optimal self-empowerment. 

Does this process work to take away physical pain?
Physical pain is often the body’s way of saying “Pay attention!”  Everything is energy as are thoughts and beliefs. Deeply conditioned negative thoughts and beliefs plus unaddressed family or ancestral patterns eventually manifest in physical conditions.  Often, when clients get to the roots of long held energetic patterns and release them, physical pain is greatly reduced or may even go away.  It is optimal to work on four levels:  Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual.  This gives us the best chance of healing and transforming pain into awareness and new choices.  However, there are no guarantees that physical pain will disappear with CMR sessions.  Sometimes there are complex karmic circumstances that we can not understand at the moment and that are revealed over time.

How can I sign up for sessions with you?
You can sign up for sessions with me by calling to make an appointment at (916) 342-2633 or by emailing me at 

How long do sessions last?
Sessions last 90 minutes.  

How much do sessions cost?
Individual sessions cost $125 per session.  When you sign up for a series of 3 sessions, the cost is $350. A special package of 12 sessions, plus a VIP day that includes one-on-one creative breakthrough sessions and a gourmet lunch is  a available for $1500.  Payment plans are available.  Fees may change.