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Cellular Memory Release is a powerful fusion of techniques and tools that help you to heal and transform whatever is preventing you from feeling peace and well-being. Experience more peace, presence and well-being in your life.  Click here for more details about Cellular Memory Release sessions.






I use a combination of CMR processes, brain integration techniques, Non-Violent Communication, NLP and Spiritual Life Coaching to help guide you in finding direction and connection to your unique experience of Universal Source/Love/Spirit.  Click here for more details about Spiritual Life Coaching sessions.



Bach Flower Remedies are a simple, effective and natural method of healing, first formulated by British chemist, Edward Bach in the 1930’s.  They are used traditionally to balance out human emotions. Each of the 38 flower essences treats a specific fear, care or worry by restoring vibrational healing to the emotional/mental body. Please click this link to find out more about using Bach Flower Remedies.



Learn how to support and re-regulate your nervous system using specific supplements, tools and practices.  Adrenal fatigue and anxiety are familiar to many of us. Hyper-vigilance, stress related illnesses, and anxiety are epidemic in our culture at this time. Learn to free yourself using physical, mental and emotional tools and feel comfort, peace and ease in your body.  



Growth from Within



Soul Collage is an intuitive creative process that uses images to access your inner guidance system.  Each card represents a part of your soul that wants to be heard.  Create your own magical deck that brings you deep insight and a greater understanding of your soul.  Please click on Classes and Events to find out more about SoulCollage(R) workshops.



Mandalas have been used as spiritual focusing tools for centuries. The Healing Mandala process uses black paper to represent the universe, and a white pencil as your wand of light.  This meditative process brings forth powerful healing symbols unique to you that can guide and support you.  Please click this link to find out more about Healing Mandala workshops.

Ellen often combines the creation of a Sand Mandala for World Peace with her Healing Mandala workshops.  This is a powerful collaborative effort that allows people to work side-by-side in creating a beautiful template of peace that blesses the space and surrounding community. The creation of the Sand Mandala for World Peace is available on it’s own for oganizations, schools, and private workshops.

Sand Mandala 2015


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