How I work with you.

How I Work with You

I  provide a nurturing environment of deep listening that allows you to safely open to and trust your healing process.  As a  Spiritual Life Coach, I believe in honoring the pace that is right for you. We never force or push but trust in your body’s innate intelligence to reveal the next layers waiting to be revealed. Clients experience a sense of expansion, inner freedom, and new possibilities in this accelerated  transformational process.

I help you to find the roots and causes of your emotional, mental or physical pain and change behavioral patterns that no longer serve you.   I guide you to release stored, negative energy (cellular memory) without diving into past traumas.  We also uncover, identify and repattern unconscious conditioning and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

 As powerful resource to reclaiming and speaking your authentic truth, I offer non-violent communication skills to help you clarify your feelings and needs and to create helpful boundaries in your relationships.   These are Emotional Literacy tools that most of us were not taught as children.  Having them available contributes greatly to our sense of connection, self-love, and the ability to love others unconditionally. 

All human beings experience trauma and stress on life’s journey. Through my personal past with healing trauma as well as being a highly sensitive and empathic person, I have  gathered, practiced and offer many simple ways to balance, re-regulate and stabilize your nervous system so that you can regain a sense of safety, self-trust, and stability, resulting in more peace and well-being in your body. I delight in sharing these relieving and empowering practices with you.

 Spiritual Creativity Classes and workshops include:

 The Artist’s Way, SoulCollageR  and Healing Mandalas

It is my experience that healing and creativity go hand in hand and that when when you free yourself from debilitating emotional patterns, you not only free your life force but you regain access to your natural creative flow and sense of play. 

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