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Soul Collage (R)

November 9, 2019  1:30 AM-4:30 PM   Location: The Glancy Farm House

 Freeing Our Ancestral Patterns; Dancing with our Shadow

The Wakeup Call

Soul Collage is a fun and fascinating creative process that uses  images, imagination, and intuition to access your inner guidance system.  Each card represents a part of your soul that  wants to be heard.  Learn to create your own magical deck that brings you insight, wisdom and a greater understanding of your soul.  This class focuses on bringing balance and light to our shadow parts and clearing your ancestral patterns.  

Cost: $45 (materials included) $35 Returning students. Reserve your spot by contacting Ellen at (916) 342-2633


The Living Mandala Process 

December 14, 2019  1-4  PM  Location: The Glancy Farmhouse, Carmichael , CA       

Each of us is a living Mandala.  In this inspiring creative process, you will experience manifesting a divine design that can serve as your own powerful healing symbol to guide you in your life. Using black paper to represent the Universe and a white pencil as your wand of light, you will be shown step-by-step how to bring forth your own unique healing Mandala of Light. In addition, we will create a collective colored Sand Mandala for World Peace together. 

Cost: $45  Call Ellen at (916) 342-2633 to reserve your spot.              Only 8 participants in this class. 

The Artist’s Way: A 12 week course in Spiritual Creativity that develops and supports your Presence and Empowerment: coming January 2020.  Save your spot early.  Only 8 participants in this group! 

For Private Lessons, groups or parties: I offer Soul Collage(R), Healing Mandalas,  Watercolor Painting, and Ceramics call me at (916) 342-2633.  You may also email me at


 For more information call (916) 342-2633 or email:

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